Amazing Meetings

NLP and Emotional Intelligence with Yoke van Dam

February 03, 2020 Bartosz Zieleznik and Louis Nigrini Season 1 Episode 4
Amazing Meetings
NLP and Emotional Intelligence with Yoke van Dam
Show Notes

Bartosz and Louis interview Yoke van Dam who is a professional speaker and an avid NLP practitioner. Yoke shares how to be aware of your own state an how to choose it! In our interview Yoke talks about techniques how to deal with feeling overwhelmed, how to centre yourself and understand your emotional status.

She unpacks what can a shift in physiology mean for a facilitator in the room and offers advice how to  relate to your audience to make them loosen up. Yoke describes the importance of storytelling and questioning your inner negative voice. In this take-away rich session she also hints how to make your clients use you more often. 

Yoke's Bio: 

Yoke van Dam is  a mindset disruptor of leaders and teams. At Y-Connect she specializes in NLP, Emotional Intelligence and in Presentation skills.

She has trained more than 1700 specialists, and provides thought leadership on, Radio Today and MixFM,

If she’s not training, speaking or coaching you can find her having a glass of red wine with her husband Etienne, hiking up a mountain,

Or jumping into a waterfall.

  • Yoke offer’s inhouse Emotional intelligence training and Presentation skills
  • She also does executive coaching for leaders and presenters.
  • Visit to see her latest offerings for February.
  • You can connect with her on linkedin at:
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