Amazing Meetings

Why you should start playing with your food with Sophie Yotova

July 01, 2020 Season 1 Episode 9
Amazing Meetings
Why you should start playing with your food with Sophie Yotova
Show Notes

Sophie Yotova is a Bulgarian food artist, TEDx speaker, certified Eating Psychology coach, and the founder and CEO of Foodie Boulevard – a global social enterprise that teaches kids and grown-ups to become real-life superheroes by using food as a superpower on and off the dining table.

Sophie has bachelor’s degrees in Journalism and Business Administration and has worked in graphic design, PR, and technical communication before starting her own business.
After experiencing a series of traumatic personal events, which led to her suffering a painful miscarriage and burning out, in 2017, Sophie left her flourishing corporate career in IT and jumped into social entrepreneurship.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Sophie and her team used to lead in-person courses, training sessions, and workshops at schools and for corporate clients, teaching people to discover food outside the box and helping them build sustainable healthy eating habits while having fun.

After the quarantine wiped out her practice, Sophie focused on reinventing her business and recently moved her work to the online space. Sophie has struggled with an eating disorder since she was a teenager and has never had a sense of smell in her life. These two peculiar features make up a unique lens, which empowers her to view and explore food beyond the trivial and mundane, and to inspire people from all ages and walks of life to use food as a playground, a stimulating learning environment, and a language of self-expression.

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